• MagicConan14

    Admin recruiting post

    September 2, 2015 by MagicConan14

    Comment on this blog post if you want to be an admin. (Most likely you will become one if you can bring someting of use to the wiki which I myself do not know.) Note not everyone can be an admin so I will have to pick and choose as founder.

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  • MagicConan14

    Wiki checklist

    September 2, 2015 by MagicConan14

    This is a general list of things to do on this wiki. Not just wanted pages, but improvements, what have you. Things will be crossed out as they are done, so please tell if something's been done.

    Note: This is not an exhaustive list so you have free rein to do whatever needs to be done.

    • Minami
    • Corpsey
    • Black Lizard
    • Shadow Man
    • Tokiko
    • Watanuki
    • Higashikouji
    • Hitomi
    • Komoda
    • Namikoshi
    • Hoshino
    • [any other characters which haven't been done yet]
    • Mikazuki
    • Speed and Friction

    Note: You will need the spoiler infobox for some of these. The source code for that can be used from the "Insert" menu in the VisualEditor.

    • add pictures (in progress)
    • add videos (in progress)
    • complete Episodes page table (in progress)
    • make individual episode pages (in progress)
    • make music list (if applicabl…

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