Shadow Man (Kage Otoko)

Shadow Man (Kage Otoko)

Shadow Man (影男 Kage Otoko) is a phantom thief, capable of disguising himself as anyone (except young girls). Thus, it is unknown who he really is.

Appearance Edit

Shadow Man is normally a man wearing a suit and a paper bag over his head. However, he disguised himself as Akechi on a few occasions and so wore similar clothing. Normally he wears a brown suit and leather shoes alongside his paper bag when not in a disguise.

Personality Edit

Though he is always disguised (with either a paper bag or being incognito), he is especially caring as seen when he prescribes help from Kobayashi. He has a soft spot for little girls, or in the case of Kobayashi, boys that look like little girls.

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike most characters whose details aren't known due to lack of details, Shadow Man's were deliberately wiped out by Black Lizard.[1]

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