Age 25
Date of Birth (star sign) June 6, 1989 (Gemini)
Blood type O

Status deceased
Height 151 cm
Weight 40 kg
Relatives younger brother (unnamed)
Hobbies/Interested in making sweets (e.g. cake), survival games, fishing, hunting, camping
Not good at/with things that are done without movement, silence, stillness
Japanese VA Saki Fujita
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Minami (ミナミ Minami) is a supporting character in the anime Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace. Her role as an investigator is Medical Examiner. She is mostly seen as a duo with Corpsey.

Appearance Edit

Minami is a girl of short stature. She wears a surgeon's hat and jacket along with a shirt that would normally be worn by a dentist. She has two large bobbles attached to her hairtie, one yellow, the other blue, and two matching clips on her hat. She is normally seen wearing a mask that moves along with her mouth.

In episode 11 Minami is shown with her hair down. She also does not have her jacket, hat or mask.

Minami hair down

Personality Edit

Not much was shown for Minami's traits, but it was evident that she deeply cared for her brother, to the point where she would kill for him. Before her brother's death, throughout his suffering, she was shown to snap at the doctors, and cried for him.

Afterwards, Minami became slightly more eccentric, and associated herself with medicines. She became wild, but had never once forgotten her little brother. She worked hard to avenge him, and was loyal to Namikoshi's cause until the end.

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