Souji Hashiba
Age 14
Date of Birth (star sign) April 2nd (Aries)
Blood type A
Height 166 cm
Weight 55 kg
Relatives Unknown
Hobbies/Interested in social dance, piano, violin
Not good at/with endurance running, karaoke
Japanese VA Daiki Yamashita
Souji Hashiba

Souji Hashiba, known mostly by his last name (ハシバ Hashiba), is a protagonist in the anime Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace. He is normally seen with Kobayashi and is Kobayashi's best friend. He's the class representative and the son of a distinguished family. He has a helpful personality and plays straight man to Akechi and Kobayashi.

Appearance Edit

Hashiba wears glasses and has short brown hair.

He normally appears in his school uniform which consists of a beige jacket, brown pants, leather shoes, white shirt and blue tie.

Personality Edit

He tends to nag Kobayashi, but not without reason. Despite this, it can be easily seen that he cares for Kobayashi. He also cares for Akechi, because he had seemed distraught when Akechi tended to save Kobayashi instead of Namikoshi, Akechi's best friend, knowing their past.

He is very helpful. He has helped Akechi and Kobayashi multiple times throughout their investigations using his family connections.

In Edogawa's works Edit

Hashiba is part of the Boy Detectives (少年探偵団 Shonen Tanteidan) along with Kobayashi.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the heir to the rich Hashiba Foundation. This gives him access to helicopters, among other resources.
  • He is not good at gambling.[1]
  • His first name was not explicitly mentioned in the anime, but it can be assumed that his first name corresponds with his Rampo Edogawa version.
  • He wears boxers.[1]

References Edit

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Navigation Edit

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