This is the anime episode list for Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace.[1]

Episode number English title Japanese title Original air date Summary
1 Human Chair (part 1) 人間椅子(前編)(Ningen Isu (Zenpen)) July 2nd 2015 Kobayashi, a bored middle school boy, wakes up in his classroom to find his teacher murdered, the murder weapon (a saw) in his hand. With the help of Akechi, a high school detective, he attempts to prove his innocence.
2 Human Chair (part 2) 人間椅子(後編)(Ningen Isu (Kōhen)) July 9th 2015 Kobayashi and Akechi unravel who committed the murder of the former's teacher, after learning that the teacher had previously turned his lovers into chairs.
3 Shadow Man 影男 (Kage-otoko) July 16th 2015 A kidnapper is stealing away young girls and Akechi's on the case, aided (or perhaps hindered) by Kobayashi. However, what does the elusive Shadow Man have to do with this case?
4 Twenty Faces 二十面相(Ni-jū Mensō) July 23rd 2015 A new murderer is going around, but he has appeared before...what is the truth behind him, his murders and his connection to Akechi?
5 Caterpillar 芋虫 (Imomushi) July 30th 2015 A direct continuation of the previous episode. Last episode's 20 Faces remembers what led him to a life of crime.
6 A Glimpse Into Hell 地獄風景(Jigoku Fūkei) August 6th 2015 A cat, a bomb and a baby show up at Akechi's apartment doorstep one day, and all hell breaks loose sorting out the ensuing problems.
7 Strange Tale of Panorama Island (part 1) パノラマ島奇談(前編)(Panorama-tō Kidan (Zenpen)) August 13th 2015
8 Strange Tale of Panorama Island (part 2) パノラマ島奇談(後編)(Panorama-tō Kidan (Kōhen)) August 20th 2015
9 Terrifying Mistake 恐ろしき錯誤(Osoroshiki Sakugo) September 3rd 2015[2]
10 A Desire for Transformation 変身願望(Henshin Ganbō) September 10th 2015
11 The Daydream 白昼夢 (Hakuchūmu) September 17th 2015

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