Kogorou Akechi
Age 17
Date of Birth (star sign) January 21st (Aquarius)
Blood type B
Height 180 cm
Weight 64 kg
Hobbies/Interested in games, biking, correspondence karate, cooking, reading, (plastic) models, electronics, puzzles, handicrafts, kirigami, shares, (computer) programming, go, chess, shogi, radio controlled models, magic tricks, nunchuks etc. (but immediately grew tired of them)
Not good at/with cats, tablets (he can't have them the way they're meant to be consumed)
Japanese VA Takahiro Sakurai
There’s nothing those who’re alive can do for the dead.
— Akechi, Rampo Kitan episode 8
Kogorou Akechi

Kogoro Akechi, known mostly by his last name (アケチ Akechi), is a protagonist in the anime Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace. He is a young genius detective who has permission to take off school to help in solving cases and is dependent on canned coffee. He continues to follow a certain case.

Appearance Edit

Akechi has short dark hair and is normally seen in a black jacket, black shirt, red tie, jeans and leather shoes.

When he was younger he attended the middle school Kobayashi and Hashiba currently attend, meaning he used to wear the same uniform.

Personality Edit

Akechi has a laidback but somewhat irritable personality, easily getting annoyed at small things such as Kobayashi and Hashiba not taking their shoes off in his apartment. He particularly gets annoyed at Black Lizard, who he seems to have a former relationship with but still consults for advice if he needs to.

He, like Kobayashi, does not remember the faces of anyone insignificant to him. This is portrayed as having wooden artist pose dolls in place of them.

Relationships Edit

Kobayashi: Kobayashi is his (self-appointed) assistant. Akechi normally does not tolerate Kobayashi's antics, but does have some respect for the younger boy's deductive skills.

In Edogawa's works Edit

Akechi is the private detective that Edogawa Ranpo is the most famous for.

Skills and Abilities Edit

  • Deduction: He is able to deduce facts about others simply by looking at them.
  • Ability to pick up skills easily: He is able to be good at most skills and hobbies after he has done them for a short while. This causes him to grow tired of them, with few exceptions.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a heart shaped birthmark on his buttocks. It is implied to be a Mongolian spot, which is somewhat common for Japanese children to have but normally disappears before puberty.[1]
  • He doesn't like cats.[1]
  • He has played Namikoshi's favorite song using his record player many times.[2]
  • He is also good with babies, making one stop crying simply by commanding it.[1]
  • He seems to know some English, as implied by his record player's English song titles.
  • He likes canned coffee.

References Edit

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